Meet Romeo and Juliet in a game.
What is the fate that awaits them?

A classic defense game
Cartoon Defense Blue

Pledged Amount 2,286.41 USD 15.996999999999993ETH
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Pledged Amount 2,286.41 USD 15.996999999999993ETH
Supporters 172
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Ends on 2019 Dec. 1
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Cartoon Defense is a classic defense game with action and strategy. It is from a popular mobile series that has been steadily loved since its launch. Currently the cumulative total download count of all series combined is over 5 million.

Cartoon Defense Reboot, one of beloved Cartoon Defense series, is now being reborn with blockchain technology.

Play Cartoon Defense Blue, a renewed version of Cartoon Defense Reboot with blockchain technology, and have fun while earning money at the same time!

What is Cartoon Defense Reboot?

Cartoon Defense Reboot is a classic defense game with action and strategy.
Defeat enemies that come for your castle with your meticulous control! This game is non-stop action one and won’t give you a chance to breathe once you start playing. Don’t worry if you are not used to touchscreen controls! The automatic combat mode makes it easy to play the game. Enjoy the exciting action and shooting sensation while actively controlling, or casually speculating the action unfolding before your eyes in automatic battle mode. How you choose to play Cartoon Defense Reboot is all up to you.


Cartoon Defense. The New Story.

Princess Cartoon and the Cyclops Prince have been in love since childhood are engaged.
But the Cartoon Kingdom and the Cyclops Kingdom are hostile to each other, and Cartoon Princess’ brother’s strong opposition to the marriage between the princess and the one-eyed prince jeopardizes their love. For love, the Cyclops Prince inevitably proclaims war. Love and war. What is the fate awaiting them?


As mentioned in the game introduction, Cartoon Defense Blue is a game that will be renewed with a blockchain attached to the existing Cartoon Defense Reboot. Here’s an introduction to Cartoon Defense Reboot:

Characteristics of Cartoon Defense Reboot

Unlike other series, Cartoon Defense Reboot features fast and exciting touch control action with left and right two-way defense.

3 castles, 11 touch-weapons, 4 auto-weapons, 12 prisoners, and 3 special weapons and upgrades. You must use these various weapons strategically to defeat your enemies.

151 stages with various enemies – Cartoon Defense Reboot features over 100 different kinds of enemies, including special enemies and intermediate bosses with special abilities!
Mini fishing games,
An infectious area where crazy animals are running wild,
The werewolf who comes in the full moon!
A fortune cookie submarine that only appears during high tide to predict your future,
You won’t be able to get bored with this game!

And more features will be added to the game in the future to offer fun and unique moments.

Cartoon Defense Blue Characteristics 01

Cartoon Defense Blue’s new attempt!
An in-game cryptocurrency, BBG, and free withdrawal system

01-1. Play with the Game with Money BBG instead of GOLD

The biggest change in Cartoon Defense Blue is that that, the in-game currency, is being replaced with Game Money BBG. What is noteworthy here is that the Game Money BBG can be converted from the cryptocurrency BBC!

As in the Reboot version, you can earn game money by clearing stages, completing daily quests and by playing other game features. In addition, by linking your Blue Baikal account, you can easily convert your BBC coins to Game Money BBG. Use your BBC coins to play the game in comfort!

You might be asking, “can you use Game Money BBG coins only in the game?” No. With the introduction of the withdrawal system, the Game Money BBG can be converted back to BBC coin again. A service fee will be charged for this.

01-2. Checking Real-Time BBC Coin Market Price

As mentioned earlier, the Game Money BBG and BBC coins can be converted both ways; therefore, in Cartoon Defense Blue, you can see the real-time market price of the BBC coin in USD. This convenient system gives you the instant value of your game money without any troublesome calculation involved!

01-3. Withdrawing Game Money BBG

When your Game Money BBG earnings exceed a certain amount, it will be withdrawn as BBC Coins (a fee will incur). You can check the balance in your Blue Baikal wallet.

Cartoon Defense Blue will add more means to earn in-game money to allow you to play the game comfortably and earn more value.

* Conversion fees will be announced at a later date.

Cartoon Defense Blue Characteristics 02

And one more! Cartoon Defense Blue’s brand-new feature!
A Gacha system to win Game Money BBG and rare items

A Gacha system where you can acquire Game Money BBG and new items will be added! Until now, the only way to get items in the game was to purchase using GOLD. The Blue version will let you draw game money as well as rare items at low price through the Gacha system!

Spend just a little Game Money BBG to get all the needed weapons, bullets and items to clear stages with ease~

Test your luck through the Cartoon Defense Blue’s Gacha system!

The Team

Cartoon Defense Blue will be published by a global mobile gaming company, Goboogie Games, based in Vancouver, Canada.

Goboogie Games is a global company that has successfully published a range of game genres, including MMORPG, strategy, casual, action, and FPS. It has been working tirelessly to better understand game users and trends, especially in North America and emerging markets. Goboogie games runs effective marketing campaigns through user-oriented marketing strategy and communication. It offers a localization service for North American and global users and game operation suitable for the local market.

Based on the rich experience gained from providing mobile and online games of various genres, including MMORPG, Casual, Action, FPS, Puzzle, and Strategy all over the world, the local operation team boasts flexible operation tailored to the needs of developers.

Practical experience and data-based performance marketing learned from online and mobile game services enable efficient user attraction, paid marketing through various channels, SNS campaigns, proven influencer marketing and press releases. Individual users and community as a whole is, through various channels, managed by local operations team that consists of North American gamers.

Having these solid experience and strategies under its belt, Goboogie Games will become a compass that will lead Cartoon Defense Blue to the heart of the global marketplace and make it a more powerful game than before.

Release Schedule and Project Status

Estimated Release Date : 2019 December ( The specific release date will be announced in early December. )

The Cartoon Defense series has been steadily developed and improved from the first release in 2009 to 2017, and the Reboot version was released after about three months of development. The blockchain implementation in Cartoon Defense Blue is scheduled to start in the beginning of August in line with the incubation schedule and will take about two months to complete.

Donations and Rewards

Donation Period: 2019 August 12 (Mon) ~ 2019 December 1 (Sun)

Amount: 5 / 10 / 20 / 30 / 50 / 100 USD worth of ETH

Reward: Game Money BBG by donations
( 1,600 BBG / 3,500BBG / 6,700BBG / 10,000BBG / 19,000BBG / 38,000BBG )

Reward Payment Date : 2019 December ( The specific release date will be announced in early December. )

※ Caution
1) The Game Money BBG paid out can only be used in Cartoon Defense. Should you convert it to a BBC coin a service fee will incur.
2) Donated ETH will not be refunded.
3) The plans described above may change in the future in accordance with market conditions and service policies.

* Fee will be announced at a later date.

Why sponsor this project?

There are many games in the world. Like a hidden treasure, many quality titles are waiting to be discovered by users. However, the medium from which information can be obtained is limited, and most of them are saturated with marketing and PR of a few large corporations with a giant capital. As a result, games with great potential never get a chance to excel. Unfortunately, this is a common case in the gaming industry.

Cartoon Defense Blue is the latest spinoff of a popular series that has already proven its possibilities. With the help of you, the users, and not large corporation capitals, we want to apply the new value paradigm of cryptocurrency and blockchain to this game. Together we will create a successful case of content discovery and practical blockchain application.

In online gaming market as a whole, including mobile gaming, the introduction of cryptocurrency in gaming which is not familiar to many developers yet, is a revolutionary step that transforms users to a real owner of a game by allowing the value conversion of the time the user invests in the game. This meaningful leap is going to be a signal flare to announce the changes in the game industry and we are looking for a user to pull the trigger with us.

Finally, to grow the game, we need to bring it to light before as many potential users as possible. Your invaluable contributions will be used not only to develop a relevant technology for cryptography, but also to analyze the most effective advertising channels and marketing campaigns in the global market at the moment. Ultimately, we will put your donations to create a voluntary viral movement that will be an initial steppingstone to achieve a stable ecosystem.

Incubate Cartoon Defense Blue
  • 0.035 ETH

    5 USD worth


    1,600 Game Money BBG For every $1 you donate, we will give you back 32 Game Money BBG.

    Estimated payment date 2019 Dec

  • 0.070 ETH

    10 USD worth


    3,500 Game Money BBG For every $1 you donate, we will give you back 350 Game Money BBG.

    Estimated payment date 2019 Dec

  • 0.140 ETH

    20 USD worth


    6,700 Game Money BBG For every $1 you donate, we will give you back 335 Game Money BBG.

    Estimated payment date 2019 Dec

  • 0.210 ETH

    30 USD worth


    10,000 Game Money BBG For every $1 you donate, we will give you back 333 Game Money BBG.

    Estimated payment date 2019 Dec

  • 0.350 ETH

    50 USD worth


    19,000 Game Money BBG For every $1 you donate, we will give you back 380 Game Money BBG.

    Estimated payment date 2019 Dec

  • 0.700 ETH

    100 USD worth


    38,000 BBG (Game Money) For every $1 you donate, we will give you back 380 Game Money BBG.

    Estimated payment date 2019 Dec

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